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Anatomical Museum at the University of Edinburgh

There are loads of fantastic museums here in Edinburgh but have you visited the Anatomical Museum at the University of Edinburgh? I had originally hoped to visit on the last Doors Open Day back in September but I underestimated just how popular a place this is and wasn't lucky enough to secure a slot to go. Luckily though they have regular open days when the public can view the exhibits (the rest of the time it's a study space for students and not open) so I made a point of keeping free the next date that coincided with it being open again so I could finally get there.

The museum is housed in the Medical School on Teviot Place. There are plenty of signs to point you in the right direction as you enter through a quadrangle, climbing some steps to arrive at the entrance and the sight of two huge elephant skeletons either side of it before climbing several more flights of steps to get to the display, don't worry though there are lifts available too. Seeing the elephant skeleto…

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