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Falkland Palace, Fife

Those of you who follow my social media etc. may have seen that we've recently left Edinburgh and moved back to London again. With that in mind before we left we really tried to delve into that list I mentioned in my Fingal post to find a few things to do/places to go before we departed. Falkland palace wasn't actually on that but it was somewhere we'd seen signposts for many times when we were going elsewhere so we decided to book tickets (subsequent changes in Covid-19 restrictions in Scotland mean you no longer need to pre-book but check the National Trust for Scotland's website for up-to-date guidance) and go and have a look. Originally a 12th century hunting lodge stood on the site of what is now Falkland palace, this lodge was expanded in the 13th century eventually becoming a castle owned by the Earls of Fife, the Clan MacDuff. The castle being built here as the site is on a slight hill so it could be easily defended. By the 16th century though the castle had b

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