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Walking over the Forth Road Bridge

Going for walks around Edinburgh is something I do a lot and the Christmas and new year break provided a good opportunity to do a little more of just that. Walking over the Forth Road Bridge was a short walk that had been on our 'to do' list for awhile so the break seemed as good a time as any to finally get around to doing it. We'd originally planned to do it on New Year's Day by taking the train to Dalmeny but what we didn't know is that no trains run in Scotland on New Year's Day. How does everyone get home from new year's eve parties after staying over at friends without trains on New Year's Day??🤣 So that temporarily ended those plans but anyway the next day (also a Bank Holiday in Scotland, or at least if you're lucky and get that day off as well) the trains were running so we were able to take one the short journey from Edinburgh to Dalmeny station as planned, close to the pretty little town of South Queensferry, and from there walk to the F…

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