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I Left my Heart in San Francisco

I visited San Francisco as part of a larger trip around California several years ago, absolutely loved it and had always thought it would be good to return if I got the chance. With my husband still working out in New Zealand and plans made for our next midway meet up we decided that if we travelled in the opposite direction to our last one back in Singapore, San Francisco suddenly seemed a very good place to head to once again. Despite a lot of travel to new places together I can't pretend that I wasn't a little chuffed that this was the first time we were heading to a city and a country that l’d visited but that my husband hadn’t. With his volume of work travel this is quite an achievement believe me!

We had lots planned for our visit, obviously the touristy things that I'd done before but with a bit longer there this time taking the opportunity to enjoy more of the city a little too. Despite the epic hills (Edinburgh's are nothing in comparison) San Francisco is a ci…

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