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Doors Open Day: Exploring the New Town

The end of September brings Doors Open Day (well weekend really as various places open up on both the Saturday and Sunday) to Edinburgh, it was my third Doors Open Day here and, as last year, I decided to explore more than one place over that weekend. Actually I had a slightly different plan originally but as that didn't quite work out as I had hoped I changed it to one that focused on exploring some of the buildings in the New Town that I walk past almost daily.
First on the list was the Merchants Hall on Hanover Street. The Merchant Company was founded in the 13th century to protect their monopoly, fend off illegal competition and provide mutual support to each other. After a couple of moves to various parts of the city they purchased their current home on Hanover Street in 1879. 

As visitors on Doors Open Day we got to see several rooms beginning with the Main Hall filled with paintings and busts of various influential people from throughout the history of the Company and its cen…

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