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Rosslyn Chapel

If you want to get away from Edinburgh for a day there are many places on its doorstep that are well worth a visit, one of these is the lovely little Rosslyn chapel. By car it's about a half hour drive from Edinburgh but you can also take a bus from the city centre to the nearby village of Roslin and then it's just a short walk to the chapel. 

Even if you don't think you are and have never visited Scotland you'll most likely be quite familiar with this chapel. Think of the book and film, The Da Vinci Code and you'll soon realise why perhaps it rings some bells for you. Not surprisingly this connection has firmly put this little chapel on the map and it now welcomes a huge number of visitors every year. 

The chapel dates from the 15th century and was founded by William Sinclair the 1st Earl of Caithness. It was originally dedicated as a Catholic collegiate church of St Matthew but after the Scottish Reformation and with the order to destroy the altars Roman Catholic w…

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