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Alcatraz, San Francisco

On my first visit to San Francisco we didn't have time to go to Alcatraz so going this time was high on my must do list. If you want to do Alcatraz too I would recommend you book well in advance of your visit as, not surprisingly, it's incredibly popular and if you just turn up there is no guarantee you'll be able to get on a boat to go across that day. In order to visit you need to have a pre-booked timed ticket for one of the ferries but once you are there you can spend as long as you like on the island and take any ferry back (they run approximately half hourly) at any point. You can book tickets online but be careful too who you book with, I read some horror stories online about tickets being 'sold' through unofficial agents and people finding they had lost money and didn't have a valid ticket. It's also worth noting that the island is a US National Park and a designated National Historic Landmark so there are strict rules about not taking anything off …

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