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Doors Open Day: The Private Regent Gardens, Edinburgh

The recent Doors Open event in Edinburgh, the chance to visit places not usually open to the public or who usually charge an entrance fee, actually spans the whole weekend so there's plenty of chance to explore. This year I decided to make the most of it and go somewhere on both days. After my interesting visit to Trinity Apse on the Saturday I visited the private Regent Gardens on the Sunday. 

There are lots of private gardens in Edinburgh's New Town for most though, myself included, the closest you can get is peeking between the railings to take a look at what's inside as you walk past. Even though I can't usually get in any myself they still provide welcome greenery to the city almost on every corner. Several private gardens were opened up over the weekend and I thought it would be interesting to see inside one of these places that I can never quite get to so decided to visit the Regent Gardens, the largest of the New Town gardens. 

These particular gardens, unlike ma…

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