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Wine Tasting in Napa, California

Whilst visiting San Francisco we really wanted to see some of the nearby Californian wine country too. We only had time for a taster and we could return many times more and never do the same vineyard twice I'm sure but the little bit we did manage to do was great. Before we travelled I read lots about both Napa and Sonoma, there seems to be a lot of debate about which is the better but in the end we settled on visiting the perhaps better known Napa area.

The first commercial vineyard was opened there in 1859 but grapes were far from the only crop being grown in the region at this time and by the end of the 1900s farmers had planted over 500,000 fruit and nut trees, mainly plums and pears. This diversity helped to soften the blows of subsequent insect infestations and the effect of prohibition and agriculture there remained diverse until the 20th century when wine grapes became the focus.

From doing a bit of research beforehand getting to Napa from San Francisco by public transport w…

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