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Water of Leith Walkway: Stockbridge to Leith, Edinburgh

I've written previously about our walks along one part of the Water of Leith, between Stockbridge, Dean Village and the surrounding area, but there is more than just that section to do and it's just as easy to walk from our home in Stockbridge (or anywhere along the Water of Leith Walkway) right over to Leith. We've done this particular section several times as well and from our starting point it's simply a case of heading in the opposite direction from the route that takes you towards Dean Village. From Stockbridge the route to Leith is clearly signposted, as are the routes to the other parts of the city you can reach, you can't get lost! The first part of the walk takes you through a semi wooded area and, as you'd expect, alongside the Water of Leith. As the route widens, after walking through a little of the Canonmills area of the city, you'll find yourself walking through more of a park than a walkway alongside the river. Eventually you end up close

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