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A Couple More of Yangon's Many Temples

Just as Scotland is full of castles (see my last post for one of them) Yangon is full of temples. We'd already made a special sunset visit to the most famous of them all, the Shwedagon pagoda and passed at least another one on our walk around downtown Yangon but there are plenty more in the city to see too. So we picked out a couple of these and set off to visit them.

Botataung Pagoda

Our first temple sits close to the Yangon river and, compared to the more well known Shwedagon pagoda, though it was still busy was a lot lot quieter. The Botataung pagoda was first built around the same time as its famous cousin was by the Mon people. The temple is named after the thousand military leaders of the king who escorted hair relics of the Buddha back from India to Myanmar over 2000 years ago.

It was entirely destroyed by a direct hit from an Allied air raid during the Second World War but was rebuilt after the war ended. Interestingly unlike most zedi (stupa) it was rebuilt hollow allowing y…

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