About Me

Hi! I'm Laura,

In July 2010, thanks to my husband's job, I got the opportunity to move to Singapore. Having never lived or worked abroad or even considered that I remember it was a really huge step but ultimately it was one of the best things that could have happened. After five and a half years there, in April 2016 we returned to the UK.

When I moved to Singapore I began blogging as a way of keeping me active in my new home and also to keep family and friends back in the UK up-to-date with what we were doing. At that point I wasn't sure how long I'd keep it up for but I blogged for our whole time there and got well and truly bitten by the blog bug in the process. My Singapore blog (www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com) gave me the opportunity to have some fabulous experiences and I made some fantastic friendships through it too. I never could have imagined just how valuable it would be when I began writing it.

When I started though I didn't really think about what might happen when we moved on and really that blog (and especially its title) was very focused on our life in Singapore and it seemed difficult to keep it relevant when we moved away. Hence this blog which I hope I can keep updated whatever we do and wherever we may end up in the future.

After our return to the UK and a brief stop in Kent (my home county) our adventure took us and our Singaporean rescue cat, George to Edinburgh in September 2016 and we stayed there until July 2021 after life took some unexpected twists and brought us back to London again. We'd lived in London prior to moving to Singapore and I'd also worked there for many years before that too so it feels a little like we've come full circle being back here again now. 

We're back living in the same area of London as we did previously and I'm relishing the chance to explore this exciting city all over again and hopefully discover lots more about it too. Fingers crossed I'll also be able to get out into the wider area some more as well.

Although, as I said, I've lived and worked in London previously I'm constantly looking out for new things to do and places to visit, so as always get in touch if you have any good suggestions.

Where's the next adventure? Read on to find out.