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The Peranakan Museum, Singapore

Although much of our visit back to Singapore was about spending time catching up with old friends and eating we did also have some free time to visit places again and basically be a bit of a tourist. I've always enjoyed visiting museums, something Singapore does very well, though I did always think it a shame that they charged entrance fees just to view the regular exhibits, but going back to one was on my list of things to try and do.

One of the many museums I visited when we lived there, but a long time ago and one my husband had never done was the Peranakan museum on Armenian Street. During my time living in Singapore I not only enjoyed a lot of Peranakan food but also appreciated their beautiful pottery and needlework designs plus the gorgeous colours and designs on many of the shophouses. I thought it all so pretty that before we left I made sure I bought my own little piece of Peranakan inspired pottery as one of many permanent souvenirs of our time in the country. As we had…

What did you do in Singapore? We ate!

We've just returned from a holiday in Singapore, our first visit back since leaving last year. I admit I had a few nerves about going back beforehand. I was excited to be seeing old friends and old haunts but also a little worried that it might all seem too weird and odd and I actually wouldn't enjoy myself. You often hear people saying you shouldn't go back and having had five and a half incredibly happy years there I didn't want to taint that in someway. However luckily it was fine, yes a bit strange at times knowing we were only visiting, but still underneath that great fun and it was good to be back. In actual fact, given that neither myself or my husband really wanted to leave when we had to, our return visit helped me, at least, lay a few ghosts to rest. It proved it's great to be back but also that it was equally nice to come home again, back to all our things and, of course, our cat who I always miss when we travel, no matter for how long it is.
I'm not…