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Rocking the Venue and Sharing the Love for Bryan Adams

A couple of weekends ago I got to enjoy Bryan Adams in concert at the Kent County Cricket Ground (or to give it its official name The Spitfire Ground St. Lawrence) in Canterbury. It was an unexpected day and evening thanks to one of my friends from school, who I'm sure wouldn't mind me describing her as a Bryan Adams super fan, inviting me and another old school friend to join her and her husband at the concert.

My friend, being the huge fan that she is, ensured we got right to the front for a stage side view but this didn't come without a lot of advance preparation. We left Maidstone at 11.30am to get to Canterbury (the concert didn't start until 7.45pm) but it was important to get there early to suss out the venue and work out the best route to the front and that meant being one of the first in the queue to get in.

As is often the case with big events parking at venues can be tricky, my friend though used a site called (I'd never heard of it) but it …

London: Because We Can!

Being back in Kent meant it wasn't long before we decided to take a day trip up to London and from my parents it's easy enough to take the train, though annoyingly the timetable isn't great at the weekend. Of course I've been to London many times before, especially taking into account that I've worked and lived there previously and am working there again at the moment. Despite all that though it's always nice to take time out and be a tourist there once in awhile.

Our spontaneous day, which started cold, wet and miserable but ended with beautiful blue skies, consisted of a wander around, beginning where I used to work and ending up in some typically well trodden tourist areas. This was followed up by some late lunch and then a couple of drinks in a bar before we headed back home again. 

Here are just a couple of photos from the day.

Ghost Hunting in Edinburgh

I'm quite interested in ghosts and the supernatural so being up in Edinburgh means I can indulge this interest just a little. Although I've been to Edinburgh a few times before I never managed to convince my travelling companions to come with me to do anything a bit spooky so I'm afraid my husband is going to have to do these things with me instead!
Well as a result of my interest we didn't waste anytime in doing something suitably spooky, signing up for a walking ghost tour on my first visit after my husband moved up from Kent, joining a City of Edinburgh tour. They have several different tours to choose from (all the details are on their website) and as you'd expect you can book online, by phone or in person at their old police box located on the Royal Mile. We booked ourselves on the 8.45pm tour known as the Double Underground tour. The different tours are at different times and as I mentioned with different themes. We didn't exactly know what our tour entail…