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Loose Duck Race

What do you do on a dull, cold late May Bank Holiday Monday in the UK? Go to a duck race in the local village of course! As I've said in my previous post about Loose village I was born and brought up within a stone's throw of it but although I knew about the annual duck race I had never been. Until this week that is.
When I investigated it a little more beforehand I discovered it was more than just a duck race and was actually an all day event with a few craft and food stalls, rides for children etc. as well as the races. So I suggested to my husband that perhaps we could go and see what it was all about as we had no other plans.

As you'll also know if you've been reading my posts since we got back to the UK or if you've read any of my Singapore blog we like to go walking so we started our duck race experience by walking into the village. Having never been before I really wasn't sure how busy it would be or what to expect. Likewise as the weather was far from sea…

Loose Village, Kent

As I've said in other recent posts since coming back to the UK from Singapore we've been staying back in Kent in my old hometown. Although Maidstone is really just another town like many others around the UK and, in my opinion, nothing very special, around it are some beautiful villages and lovely countryside. My parents live close to the village of Loose, pronounced like lose, so when the weather has been kind we've gone on quite a few walks in the village and close by. If I'm honest I'm probably walking parts I've never done before or at least not since I was a young child.

Loose is a special place for me as I have a lot of childhood memories associated with it. These range from links to the church from my primary school days as well as my involvement in the Brownies and Guides when I was growing up. Loose church was the place I learnt to ring church bells and did so there (and other churches in the area) for many years from my early teens. I also associate it…

First Impressions - One Month In

It's been about a month now since we returned to the UK. Whilst it's been an up and down period emotions wise with the better weather starting to arrive and being able to go out without a coat things do seem more positive. 

During this last month I've been asked the questions, 'what's it like to be back?' and 'are you settled back in now?' numerous times. Both are difficult to answer and it does kind of depend on my mood that day I have to admit. Yes I can't deny it's not lovely to be back with family etc. but on the other hand it's hard to go from one life where I was incredibly happy, working doing a job I really enjoyed with a great bunch of people and had my regular routine etc. to one where, at the moment at least, I'm not working and everything is quite up in the air. I guess that also then answers the second question in that no I don't think I have settled in completely yet and I'm pretty sure it will take sometime to adjus…