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Ackergill Tower, Near Wick, Scotland

There are many different accommodation options available if you choose to do the North Coast 500 route, from AirBnB's and self catering options, traditional B&B's, inns, camping sites and of course hotels too. We chose (well actually my husband chose) a mixture of hotels and family run inns for our stay and all were brilliant. However one stay after our first day on the road, which was a bit of a splurge night, stood out for me as particularly special and that was our night at Ackergill Tower.

No one knows exactly when Ackergill Tower was built but in the mid 15th century the 'lands of Ackergill' were mentioned as one of the properties of Sir Reginald de Cheyne who at that time owned nearly half of Caithness. The style of architecture suggests it was built later, around 1475 and when first built was surrounded by a sea moat with its prime access being by sea and its main entrance facing seawards. When the male line of the Cheyne family expired in 1350 it passed to t…

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