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Like many of us I've been to the Costa del Sol region of Spain loads of times over the years. When I was younger on those first crazy holidays with friends and no parents and more recently taking the time to go beyond the bars and explore a little more of the Andalusia region. You can read all about those visits (no not the drunken ones, I wasn't blogging then) on my Singapore blog here. Other than that, the only other part of Spain I've been to is Santander, on a one night half day visit many years ago. Coincidentally this was also quite alcohol fuelled being part of a New Year's cruise, so I actually saw very little of it in fairness. All this considered then it was definitely time to see more of Spain and a visit to Madrid was planned.
Unfortunately it seems I packed the Scottish weather in my suitcase as it rained a lot during our few days there but this didn't dampen (sorry) our spirits and we still got out and did a lot of exploring. In fact it was only on rev…

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