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Highland Adventure - Day 1 - Taking the North Coast 500 to John o' Groats

Not long after we moved to Edinburgh I stumbled upon information about the North Coast 500 (NC500) and made up my mind that it would be something that would be great to do (even if only in part) whilst we were living here. Likewise as I hadn't been that far north into Scotland for around twenty years and, with the exception of a few things, could remember very little of that last visit I wanted to try and see some of the stunning scenery there once again given we are now living reasonably close to it all.
Maybe you aren't familiar with the North Coast 500, if not it has been described as Scotland's equivalent of Route 66. Launched in 2015 it was designed to bring together the best of the north Highlands in one 516 mile scenic route around the north coast beginning and ending at Inverness castle. I will add now that we didn't do the route in its entirety, our schedule just didn't allow for that but we did the greater part of it (missing just the final part on the wes…

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