A Change Would do You Good

Anyone who uses Facebook will be familiar with the memories feature. It's great for those, 'wow, was that really x years ago??' moments, the good times and obviously the not so great ones and, in my case, the mundane and the frankly quite random memories that I no longer even recall what I was talking about. A lot of mine tend to focus on big news, often a change of some kind that excites me and that I want to share with friends.

Recently the memories coming up from a year ago have predominantly been about my husband who was in the process of relocating up to Edinburgh for a work engagement, a change after returning from Singapore and temporarily being based in Kent. Memories like this certainly remind you how time moves fast. I can't believe that was a year ago and whilst Edinburgh is still our base a change has taken place again since then in that my husband is now working on a project that has taken him to Dubai and Saudi Arabia. This isn't actually as out of the blue as this blog post may imply though. We've been waiting for this change to happen since the end of February but a lot of delays etc. stalled the process quite considerably, but finally it's happened! Whilst I know I shall miss him loads it is nice to finally know we are out of that state of limbo waiting for it to happen. I can now begin to make plans with friends in other parts of the country without wondering if the weekend I choose to go visiting will be the weekend he finally goes and we can also think about and make our own plans for the rest of the year.

So what will happen to me right now though? Well firstly the project is only temporary, though I fully embrace the notion that things can change at the drop of a hat. As it is only temporary though it was ridiculous for me to relocate, even more so because of our cat (who obviously would have come too) for what could only be for a few months. Plus we have a flat full of furniture to deal with, so it just wasn't the slightest bit practical. On top of that Saudi Arabia (where he'll be for the bulk of his time) isn't a very easy place to get visas for. I do fully hope to get the opportunity to travel elsewhere in the region with my husband to see some more of this part of the world whilst he's there, but for now George (our cat just in case you didn't know) and I will stay in Edinburgh. Say 'hi' if you're here too, it would be great to hear from you.

Whilst I've not been to Saudi Arabia I have visited Dubai, it was actually where we went on our honeymoon. As it was our honeymoon I made a conscious decision then not to blog about it on my Singapore blog. However all this talk of this part of the world again got me looking at the photos I took on our trip, recalling some great memories and frankly quite excited for this change.

A recognisable building on Dubai's skyline - the Burj Khalifa

Sun setting over the desert just outside of Dubai

I fully imagine I will get a little down at times about being away from my husband for so long. I'm lucky to be living in a great city with lots always going on to keep me occupied though, I have a load of posts to share here and places on various lists to visit too. If all else fails I can at least remind myself it's not the first time we've been living apart so I will be OK this time too. My husband was in Singapore six months before I followed him there and even last year for the first three months he was in Edinburgh I was in London working.

Have you visited Saudi Arabia or any other countries in the region? If so let me know your hints, tips, must dos, must goes, must eats etc. so my husband can make the most of his time out there! Likewise, for someone who's still reasonably new to Edinburgh is there anything or anywhere I should be going to? What about changes of this kind, do you love them or loathe them? I'd love to hear!