The Ghost Bus Tour - Edinburgh

If you know anything about Edinburgh you'll know it has a gruesome side to its history, think Burke and Hare and Deacon Brodie to name just a couple of the city's less savoury characters from its past. There are many, many tours taking in lots of different aspects of this ghastly side and a lot of ghost tours too, indeed we've done a couple since we got here ourselves. Not long after I arrived in the city though I spotted that Edinburgh also had its own ghost bus tour too.

Years ago I went on one of these tours in London and I gather there is also one in York too, anyone done that one? Anyway the one in London was lots of fun so I figured the Edinburgh version was bound to be pretty good too. So tickets were booked, making sure that by the time our tour left (we went on a Saturday evening so chose the 9pm option) it would be dark, what's the fun of a ghost tour in the daylight?!? Obviously if you know Scotland in the summer you'll also know that it is still semi light at 10pm, if not later, so booking a summer tour in the dark might be tricky but nonetheless still fun. Failing that, wait until winter when it will be dark way before the first tour of the night at 6pm.

As for the tour itself, I'm not going to spoil it but as I expected it's lots of fun and includes all the stories, locations (including one of my favourite graveyards) and characters you'd expect, plus a few more you may not know about. It's perfect for all the family and really is an entertaining, fun evening. I've actually done the Edinburgh ghost bus tour twice, once not long after we got here and then again with visitors. We were lucky enough to have the same bus conductor, who goes by the name of AWOL on both tours and he is absolutely brilliant. I was so pleased to see him arrive for our tour when we joined it for the second time as I knew my guests were in for a great evening. 

Another plus of taking this tour is that, bar one small part which you don't even have to get out for if you don't want to, there is zero walking involved. As I said there are loads of ghost tours in Edinburgh but they all need you to walk and if you're not so able bodied, as my guests weren't, those hills, steps and uneven Closes and Wynds can be tricky. This tour though lets you hear all the best bits from the comfort of the bus, as long as nothing sinister gets you on the bus that is! 😉👻

The tours depart from Waverley bridge just on the opposite side from the train station. I'd recommend booking in advance as when I've been on a Saturday they've always been very popular. The tours are pure entertainment but you'll learn a lot about Edinburgh's more spine-chilling history before the evening is over. Take a tour if you dare ... 


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