Chinese Lanterns at St. Giles' Cathedral

Asides from Christmas Chinese New Year was always my favourite holiday in Singapore. It's the one time of the year where the city shuts down just a little as people gather with their families to celebrate. The food is amazing, the traditions around the whole lunar new year period fascinating and the thrill of chancing upon a lion dance never left me and always excited me. I kind of liked the CNY music in the shopping malls etc. and whilst I could never sing along the songs have stayed with me and are instantly recognisable if I chance upon them now and, of course, a two day holiday (the only one in Singapore) was always welcome. Without fail it's always one of those times of year that I miss Singapore.

This year the first day of the Lunar New Year and Burns Night fell on the same day, the 25th January and in Edinburgh there have been a whole load of events happening to celebrate both. One of them is this lantern installation at St Giles' cathedral with over 400 lanterns hanging from the roof. It’s quite beautiful to see and the peacefulness of the cathedral setting truly enhances the beauty of the lanterns. Alongside the lanterns you can also read some of Robbie Burns most famous poems which are displayed around the cathedral, including Auld Lang Syne and My Heart’s in the Highlands. As well as view the Burns stained glass window installed in the cathedral in 1985.

The lanterns display at the cathedral is there until the 1 February 2020. In the day the display is free to enter but in the evenings for £5 you get to view the lanterns illuminated along with an accompanying soundtrack making for a peaceful experience in the hushed walls of the cathedral. It's a beautiful display and one worth taking a bit of time out from your day to go and see whilst it's there.