Cold Days and Snow Days

Maybe I have a short memory but I think it's been a cold winter so far. I'm not exactly surprised given I live in Scotland but compared to last winter, where I think we got off pretty lightly, it doesn't seem to have been so kind this time. It started just before Christmas when we had a super cold spell, with at least one day when the temperatures struggled to climb above -5°c. Whilst pretty much the rest of the country was enjoying snow then Edinburgh remained defiantly snow free, much to my disappointment. We had some beautiful blue skies and sunshine, which made the cold a lot more bearable, but we certainly weren't getting any snow.

When I moved to Scotland I assumed snow was pretty much a guarantee, especially as family who lived further north for awhile seemed to always get some every year. I've always been in the category of 'yay snow' even when it is causing chaos and as the last time I saw a decent amount was before we moved to Singapore in 2010 I felt well overdue the chance to enjoy some more. However it seems Edinburgh doesn't often get snow that settles, much like London, so I started to wonder when I would get to enjoy some again. Post new year we had a few flurries and the winter gave us several frosty and icy days of the type that doesn't clear all day (again something I haven't seen for a long time) but still no decent snow ... that was until last week.

Whilst it may not have been anywhere near as much here as other parts of Scotland and the UK got we did finally get some and this already beautiful city was made all the prettier for a little while. It was fun walking through Princes Street gardens and seeing everyone suddenly taken with the notion to throw a snowball at their friends and just generally acting like big kids and enjoying themselves. So I guess I'll stop the complaining about my snow drought for now and just enjoy looking back at these photos and as it's only January who knows what may still be to come.

A snowy St Cuthbert's churchyard

A frosty Botanic Cottage

Ice ice baby

That's frost in Princes Street gardens not snow

Frosty view of the ruins of St Anthony's chapel in Holyrood park

Holyrood park in the frost

Snow and the castle

Snow covered Pentland hills beyond Edinburgh

Our first decent snowfall here

The prettiest lane in Edinburgh made even more so by a covering of snow