Autumn: Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness

I've said it before but I'll say it again, I missed seasons whilst we were living in Singapore. Even after over five years of living there it still always hit home how certain events and celebrations were intrinsically linked to a particular kind of weather (I definitely never got used to hot Christmases) and how often I lost track of time because it was perpetual summer time. I don't deny, as I sit here wearing a cardigan and feeling more than a little chilly, that it wasn't pleasant but it's also equally nice to be experiencing special events again with the weather that I grew up associating with them.

Autumn has always been a particular favourite time of year for me, probably stemming from my birthday being in late September (something I get a little less excited about these days) and then the beginnings of the build up towards Christmas. Autumn also often offers up relatively mild days with lovely blue skies which you can't help but enjoy, especially when contrasted with rainy, colder days. Yes I even accept now that the recent temperatures of around 11° were actually quite mild for the time of year, particularly when you're now living in Scotland! Funny how quickly your perception of what is alright changes as you live in a particular climate, this time last year that temperature would have been freezing to me. Autumn is also a favourite thanks to the wonderful colours nature puts on display with the leaves turning red, yellow, orange and russet and red berries appearing on bushes, so this year I have particularly enjoyed the opportunity to lap it all up once more.

As I've also mentioned in several other posts we live relatively close to Edinburgh's Botanic Gardens and so often head there for walks and some fresh air. We often did the same in Singapore's Botanic Gardens (though we lived further away from them) and it's lovely to see the obvious but vast difference over here in terms of plants, trees and flowers when we go for walks. 

As I've enjoyed Autumn so much this year I thought I'd share just a few of my Autumn shots, mainly from the Botanic Gardens. What's your favourite season or time of year? Do you live somewhere where the seasons are different to what you're used to, do you miss it or prefer it?


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