Little-Known Places

I've always enjoyed visiting places off the beaten track and not necessarily top of a tourist's 'must go' list. Whilst we lived in Singapore I started exploring some of the little-known places and parts of the city state whenever I could. Singapore has a very convenient train network (known as the MRT) and my exploring centred on places close to the various stations in a feature called 'Red Dot Roaming', named because one of Singapore's nicknames is the red dot, literally because it's such a small dot on the map. Despite my best efforts I didn't actually get to explore the city via the whole network, partly because they keep adding to it and partly because of day-to-day life getting in the way. However I was hooked and decided I wanted to continue this in some format in my new home, wherever that was.

Of course, not everywhere offers up the convenience of doing this via an MRT map or another form of public transport but every town or city has its own 'little-known places' which is what I now intend to try and explore as much as possible in this series of posts. So let's see where the next adventure takes me.

To read more about any of these places that I have explored just click on the photo below.

I'm always on the look out for suggestions of places to go. I focus my searches for new places on social media, books and anything else I happen to stumble upon. However if you know of somewhere you think I definitely need to see drop me a line and let me know.


Calton Hill, Edinburgh

Doors Open Day: Botanic Cottage, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

The Scott Monument, Edinburgh

Water of Leith Walkway: Stockbridge, Dean Village and St Bernard's Well, Edinburgh

Little-Known Places: Doors Open Day - Trinity Apse, Edinburgh


A Walk Towards Allington, Kent


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