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In July 2010, thanks to my husband's job, I got the opportunity to move to Singapore. Having never lived or worked abroad or even considered doing that before I remember it was a really huge step at the time but it was one of the best things that could have happened and really helped to shape me as a person. After five and a half years, in April 2016 we returned to the UK.

When I moved to Singapore I began blogging as a way of keeping me active in my new home and also to keep family and friends back in the UK up-to-date with what we were doing. At that point I wasn't sure how long I'd keep it up for but I blogged for our whole time there and got well and truly bitten by the blog bug in the process. My Singapore blog (www.expatadventuresinsingapore.com) gave me the opportunity to have some fabulous experiences and I made some fantastic friendships through it too. I never could have imagined just how valuable it would be when I began writing it in 2010.

When I started blogging I didn't really think about what might happen when we moved on and really that blog (and especially its title) was very focused on our life in Singapore and it seemed difficult to keep it relevant when we moved away. Hence this blog which I hope I can keep using whatever we do and wherever we may end up in the future.

After a brief stop in Kent (my home county) last year our adventure has taken us and our Singaporean rescue cat, George to Edinburgh. I'm loving having the chance to explore this exciting Scottish city and the wider area some more, having visited several times in the past and having often thought I'd love the opportunity to live here.

My husband, never being one to sit still for long though, has recently taken on some work projects moving him temporarily (for now) to the Middle East, specifically Saudi Arabia. So as a newly temporarily solo explorer in Edinburgh I'm always looking for new things to do and places to visit. Let me know if you have any good suggestions.

Before I finish though just a little more about me and what you can expect to read here. I love exploring the well known and less well known parts of places I live in and visit. I love travelling whenever the opportunity arises, history, reading, animals, in particular cats. I adore cake and anything sweet so desserts are always a winner with me, food in general too but I admit to being a terrible cook, thank goodness for a husband with great talents there!

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