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Little-Known Places - A Walk Towards Allington, Kent

As you'll be well aware my husband and I do quite a lot of walking and after we got back to the UK (and before my husband relocated up to Edinburgh) we were doing walks I'd never done around my home town. Invariably a lot of those also involved a stop off at a pub somewhere on route. One place we've walked around a lot, for example, is the village of Loose and the surrounding area, close to my parents home. The pub in the village, The Chequers, is also a great spot for a rest mid-walk or just for a drink and something to eat if you are in the area. They also have a beer garden, perfect for this lovely weather we're currently enjoying in Kent.

Another walk we did though stemmed from previous visits to Maidstone to see family whilst we were still living in Singapore. These visits included stays at a hotel on the riverside on the outskirts of town conveniently with a pub attached to it and a theory that we should be able to walk there along the river from the town centre. …

St Cuthbert's Church Graveyard - Edinburgh

If you follow this blog via my Facebook page you'll know that I recently went up to Edinburgh, somewhere I've been to many times before but somewhere I shall be spending a lot more time in in the near future. My husband landed himself a role based there and as a result has been up there since the start of June. The only reason I'm still in Kent (along with George our cat) is because just before he got his role I got myself one, luckily only a short term contract, in London. As I'd already committed to my new role and it was only a short term one we decided I'd stay in Kent until early September when I'll be finished and I'll then go up to Edinburgh too.
Luckily my role gives me long weekends as it's only part time which is just perfect for visits to Edinburgh. So I can board the train on a Friday lunchtime (I prefer that to flying up) ready to start the long weekend! The journey up by train is one I always enjoy, passing through the different towns and c…