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Reculver Towers, Kent

For the time being we are based back in Kent, my childhood home county, so are naturally taking the opportunity to get out and about as much as we can whilst we are here. One of my favourite spots in Kent (and somewhere I wrote about when we visited the UK whilst living in Singapore) is Reculver and the famous Reculver Towers there. I think I like it for its remoteness, it's the kind of spot you can let your imagination run wild. I love abandoned and ruined buildings too as I'm fascinated by their history and the reasons why they came to be as they are. Again perfect for a vivid imagination. I also love the sea and these towers sit right on top of a cliff overlooking the sea. All of these together means this place is perfect for a quick visit in my opinion.

The towers are actually the remains of a Medieval church but this was also the site of one of the earliest Roman forts, later becoming an Anglo-Saxon monastery and eventually the parish church of Reculver. As I said it is ju…

Returning to Richmond

We arrived back in the UK last week and spent our first night here in one of the many hotels by Heathrow airport. We actually arrived later than we were meant to due to our flight leaving Singapore late which then meant we missed our connecting flight in Doha. We eventually got on a different flight but this meant it was all the nicer to know, when we did arrive and after we got all our suitcases, that we only had a short journey before we could collapse into bed. 

We woke bright and early the next morning (thanks jet lag) and headed into London, more particularly to Richmond. Richmond (or St Margarets just up the road) was where we lived before we moved to Singapore so it's a place we are very fond of and have been back to for several visits whilst we were living overseas. We had also arranged to meet friends there who live in Australia but used to live in the UK and were back here for a holiday. The plan for the day then was to meet them for lunch and then collect our cat (who ha…